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2019 Summer Classes

Summer 2019 Schedule

The Summer 2019 8-week session starts July 8th and ends September 1st.

To register, please click here.  Adult classes can be found under Adults:Tennis and Junior classes can be found under Youth Classes:Tennis.  

Class Locations
Recreation Park: 779 E. Olive Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016 map

Make-ups & Missed Classes
If you anticipate that you will miss a class or if you miss a class for whatever reason, you may make-up the class or classes at another of the class offerings by the end of the session.  If you registered late and missed any classes, these classes may also be made up at another class during the session.  Please e-mail

Don't see a class time and level that works for you? 
(1)  Please contact us at, and we will try to create a class for you or help you determine what class would be best suited for you.
(2)  Please also see the class schedule at our nearby Arcadia location, Arcadia Tennis Center.

Junior Class Schedule

Future Stars 
(Ages 5-8, 60 minutes, $17/class)

Monday 4:00pm @ Recreation Park with Antoine
Tuesday 4:00pm @ Recreation Park with Antoine
Wednesday 4:00pm @ Recreation Park with Antoine

Big Hitters 
(Ages 8-11, 60 minutes, $17/class)

Monday 5:00pm @ Recreation Park with Antoine
Tuesday 5:00pm @ Recreation Park with Antoine
Wednesday 5:00pm @ Recreation Park with Antoine

Jr. Development
(Ages 11-14, 60 minutes, $17/class)

Monday 6:00pm @ Recreation Park with Antoine
Tuesday 6:00pm @ Recreation Park with Antoine
Wednesday 6:00pm @ Recreation Park with Antoine

Junior Class Descriptions


Future Stars (Ages 5-8), 60 minutes
This class is a perfect introduction for your child to tennis. Low bouncing balls and mini racquets make learning fun and easy. Players will be introduced to groundstrokes, volleys, and fundamental rules and concepts.  Hand-eye coordination exercises and agility drills will be important in development. As players develop there will be a greater emphasis on mobility.
Big Hitters (Ages 8-11), 60 minutes
This level is intended for players new to tennis or transferring up from Future Stars.  Students will continue to work on proper stroke production with attention to footwork and mobility. An emphasis will be placed on learning to rally and controlling placement of the ball.  As players progress, there will be a greater emphasis on playing points and games. 
Junior Development (Ages 11-14), 60 minutes
Students will learn and improve upon the fundamental tennis strokes including groundstrokes, volleys, serves, and overheads. Technique will be stressed as necessary, but emphasis will be on rallying, strategy, and becoming comfortable with playing and competing. 



Adult Class Schedule

Adult Beginner 
(Ages 15+, 90 minutes, $25/class)

Monday 7:00pm @ Recreation Park with Antoine
Wednesday 7:00pm @ Recreation Park with Antoine

Adult Intermediate
(Ages 15+, 90 minutes, $25/class)

Tuesday 7:00pm @ Recreation Park with Antoine

Adult Class Descriptions


Adult Beginner (Ages 15+), 90 minutes

Designed for players who are new to tennis, still beginners, or returning to the game after years away from the game. The emphasis of the class is on fundamental stroke development and then getting on more fun rallying, games, and point-play. 


Adult Intermediate (Ages 15+), 90 minutes

This level is intended for players with relatively polished stroke technique who are looking to focus more on shot selection, strategy, and point-play.